The Perfect Bronze Combo | bBold Contour Kit and Multi-Purpose Brush

Friday, 18 May 2018
It's been a while now since I've been on here and I'm really not sure about whether this will be the first of many more posts on this blog, but I am going to try to get back into blogging at least over the summer holidays. And what better way to do that than to review a product that I have been loving recently. 

bBold's Contour Kit* features a cool-toned contour, a stunning bronzer and dark, golden highlight. And the Multi-Purpose Brush* is the perfect accompanyment. 


I think if you've ever read any of my previous posts, you will know my love for 'sleek, black packaging' and this contour kit* 100% lives up to my expectations with this. What's not to love? Travel friendly. Inside mirror. 3-in-1.


The multi-purpose brush* isn't really multi-purpose for me, as I prefer my Real Techniques Contour and Setting brushes to apply my contour and highlight. However it is absolutely perfect for bronzing and I can't stop using it for that reason alone. The synthetic bristles are super-soft and the domed shape really helps to achieve a seamlessly blended bronzer.


Each of the pigments are ultra-fine which means that you get a seamless blend each and every time, and this also means that it is buildable. One thing I would say though, is that even when I'm tanned the highlight can sometimes be too much for my skin and so I do suggest to apply it bit by bit, otherwise there can be a dark shadow from it, but once you get used to applying it in a certain way, WOW it's so pretty!


The contour is cool-toned and for me this will suit the majority of people as you literally can't go wrong because it's light enough for someone pale but it's easily buildable if necessary.

The bronze is gorgeous, just the right amount of golden without being too orange or brown. It reminds me of the Mac 'Give Me Sun' which is probably the world's bestselling bronzer, so I'd say bBold got it 100% perfect with the bronzer in this kit. 

And THAT highlight, I am SHOOK, I am still a bit sceptical of it because of the colour however. I think for me personally I can only use it when I'm very tanned, as my pale skin is better suited to a more luminous highlighter with cooler undertones. 


I absolutely love the lasting-power of the whole kit, I can go all day without touching it up. I think this is helped by the fact that I always set my foundation before I apply anything as otherwise, the bronzer especially, may cling to my skin and go patchy throughout the day. 


I actually bought these twice, both times from Gordon's Chemist. The first time I got the contour kit*, multi-purpose brush* and the bBold Smart Mousse tan for £29.95 and the second time I got the kit and brush for £15 which is an absolute bargain. The retail prices are £19.95 for the contour kit and £6.95 for the brush.


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