Glam Eyes | Barry M Glitter Rush + Fixer Gel Review

Saturday, 7 October 2017
Long time no see. I have now finished my second week of second year at uni, woohoo. I took the last few weeks off blogging so that I could really settle into a uni/work routine and then slowly introduce blogging back in again. So I am thinking at the minute of doing one post per week to see how that goes. Getting photographs is the most tricky thing for me but I did get a new phone (iPhone 8plus) so that issue will hopefully go away. Although I will probably still try to use my set up at my parents' house to take most of my photographs still.

So for today's post, I thought that I would introduce you to my new favourite thing, Barry M's Glitter Rush eye glitters and give a quick review to let you know why I love them so much, although look at those shades. Wow. 

Barry M keep it simple with their packaging and I think its extremely practical for when you're using the product. If you look closely you'll see that the glitter pots have holes to let the product out. This means that if you drop the glitter pot while it's open you'll not lose all of the product and I think this is perfect because there's nothing worse than spilt glitter.

To apply the Barry M Glitter Rush I use the EcoTools Petité Eye Shading Brush which is a small flat brush which is the perfect shape and size for applying the glitter in small amounts so that you can be precise with the placement of it. I put a small amount of the Barry M Glitter Fixer Gel on the brush and then just dip it into the glitter pot and then apply in the areas I want. I used to use lash glue to apply glitter but I am so glad that Barry M have finally released this Gel as it works so well.

The Fixer Gel is just a clear gel which comes in a squeezy tube which allows you to control how much product you want to use and trust me a little goes a long way and I don't end up finding glitter all over my face afterwards either which is especially good. The glitter itself is quite fine which I absolutely love, this means that it applies smooth and you can still build up how pigmented you want it to be.

There are a total of 8 glitters in this range and I have purchased Rose Quartz (Pink)Fireball (Gold) and Onyx (Almost Black). Other shades include Aquamarine (Blue/Green)Moonstone (Silver)Snow Globe (White)Desert Bronze (Bronze) and Ultraviolet (Purple).

I have tried quite a few different eye glitters and pigments and these are definitely the easiest ones to work with and they always look amazing and last for HOURS!! I've used the fixer gel with both the Barry M glitters and glitters from other brands and it definitely keeps the glitter in place.

Both the glitters and the fixer gel are available online and instore from Superdrug. The Glitter Rush's cost £4.59 each and the Fixer Gel is available for £4.99. Where else can you get glitters at such an affordable price?

Do you use eye glitters?
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