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Friday, 8 September 2017
As I go off to university again in less than 2 weeks, I had a few products to get from Superdrug so I thought I would do a mini haul. Most of what I bought, I have tried before and if they were firm favourites, they will have been blogged about before. The majority of these are doubles of what I'm currently using but as there is no way I'm bringing my makeup back and forth every week I need more. 

I love the brushes by Lottie, they're super soft and they're very easy to work with, and there are no issues with shedding either so they're long-lasting, as long as they get a regular wash. 

To wash my brushes I use the B. cleanser which I think is perfect and a little does a lot. Ever since finding this brush cleanser, I've found that my brushes last longer because I don't dread having to wash them as it's an effortless task. I've done a whole review of this cleanser here if you want to find out more. 

Lately, I have been using this foundation as I've been wearing a tan and it's the perfect shade for when I'm tanned. So as I'm going to be going out when I'm at university, I know I'll need a double of this foundation. I did a review on this foundation recently, you can find it here.

I'm a massive Barry M fan, it started with their nail polishes years ago and after finding their liquid lip paints (review here), I cannot stop trying out their products. Usually, I'm a massive GOSH primer fan (posts here and here) but I wanted something a little cheaper as I go through primers like nothing normal. 

This tan is my ultimate favourite and I honestly have never had any issues with it. Although I do try out other tans from time to time, I always go back to this one. I have really pale skin and I can't use any tan that you have to wash the top layer off afters it's developed, as they just wash straight off; and it's not an issue with the tan but rather my skin. But this is the only tan I've ever found that 1) has a guide colour, 2) is a mousse and 3) you don't have to wash it off afterwards. 

To go along with the foundation, I love this translucent loose powder (full review here) and I truly believe it makes a big difference to how well my makeup actually lasts. I'm not usually a massive fan of powdering my face but my view has been changed and I always set my makeup with this. 

I love this lemon concealer (full review here) for colour correcting my under-eyes which, to be honest, aren't that dark so I never need to use much. I also sometimes like to use it over my eyes along with the same concealer in fair as it is amazing for carving out the brows or cutting the crease. 

I always use a pomade to do my brows but I always use this plumper as an extra to set it in place. On lazy days, I even just use it alone to give my brows some colour. The reason why this brow gel is my favourite is that it has a fine tip, which is perfect for making sure you keep your brows neat and that the product doesn't get on your skin or smudge. 

The final product I got was a body scrub, this is the only one stocked by Superdrug that comes in a tube. I've tried ones in tubs before and my skin just doesn't take to them well. I think it's just because the ones in tubes are more liquid so they're less harsh on my skin, and I have to be careful with what I use on my body anyway, as my skin would be quite sensitive. 

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