Jameson Whiskey Experience

Tuesday, 12 September 2017
I went to the Jameson Whiskey Distillery in Midleton while I was in Co. Cork for my summer holidays. While we were there we had a guided tour which started with an audiovisual and then the actual tour lasted for over an hour and was really insightful into how the whiskey was made and what makes Jameson different to other whiskeys. 

John Jameson established a new approach to whiskey production in 1780. Jameson Whiskey consists of only barley, water and maize but it is the way these ingredients are put together that makes Jameson different.

Unlike American and Scottish Whiskeys, Jameson goes a step further with their distillation process and TRIPLE DISTILL to get that smooth taste that makes them different, this is the method of the founder John Jameson.

During the tour, we found out the importance of the wooden barrels to the whiskey process at Jameson. Jameson uses oak casks that have been imported from either America or Spain where they were used to age bourbon or fortified wine. This gives the whiskey a distinct taste of toasted wood, sherry and vanilla. 

Irish law states that a spirit must be matured for a minimum of 3 years in Ireland in order to name it an Irish whiskey. In these 3 years, around 6% (2% per year) of the volume will be lost due to evaporation - this is known as the 'Angel's Share'. 

Each whiskey at Jameson is matured for a different number of years as this will affect the taste of the final product. But the longer it matures, the more evaporates, and so this is the main reason why whiskey can get more expensive, the longer it matures. 

These are the new whiskeys which Jameson has recently released, as well as glasses matched to each, I bought the middle glass; Cooper's Croze


Jameson Experience Tour (€20) - this is the tour I went on and at first, we did think it was a little expensive but it is a long tour and you find out so much about the distillery and the history of Jameson.
Premium Whiskey Tasting (€30)
Behind the Scenes Tour (€60)
Academy Tour (€95)


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