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Wednesday, 6 September 2017
I am dying to talk about the bits and pieces that I want for my uni flat, which I am sharing with my best friend and so for today's post, I am going to be picking a few things from a few different sites that I've been lusting after. At the minute there is also loads of gorgeous copper items in Primark and I'm not going to lie, I bought them all. So once I've moved into my flat, I'm going to do a bedroom tour post because I can tell already that I'll have loads of new things to show off.

1 - Caleb Copper Tripod Table Lamp - Littlewoods - £74.99
I thought that this table lamp would be perfect as it has both grey and copper and so it's basically the perfect item to start out my room with.

2 - Copper Finish Floating Photo Frame - Very - £14.99
Recently I've been looking for a massive floating photo frame for my room at my parent's house because they look so pretty. So when I saw this smaller frame, which obviously has a copper frame, I knew it would look perfect on my bedside table beside my lamp.

3 - Dibor Copper Ball Candle Holder - Not On The High Street - £14
There is a smoke alarm in my room so I probably won't be lighting any candles, but to be honest I don't tend to light them anyways, but I thought this would look really nice on my window sill or on my bedside table.

4 - Angelo Copper Circle Touch Table Lamp - Littlewoods - £29.99
Due to the expensiveness of the other lamp, which I absolutely love, I went looking for a cheaper alternative and that's when I found this circle lamp. I love the fact that it's basically a sculpture and an ornament in itself, and it looks 10 times more expensive for this.

5 - Cascade Home Microfleece XL Cushion - Grey - Littlewoods - £19.99
I love having my bed filled with cushions and I like to mix up patterned ones with plain, and big ones with small. So this is my XL plain cushion choice which I am dying to feel, who doesn't love a soft pillow?

6 - Set of Three Small Concrete Copper Pots - Not On The High Street - £19.50
Grey concrete with copper embellishments. What more could I ask for? I love the edgy vibe of these as concrete usually isn't something that you would consider for an ornament, but I absolutely love these.

7 - Trophy Bull Bicycle Holder - Copper - Amara - £189
This is very out of my price range and I don't think I would ever use it as a bicycle holder but I can just imagine it on the wall above the bed.

8 - Pushka Home Large Metallic Geometric Animal Cushion - Grey/Copper Elephant - Not On The High Street - £25
What can I say? It's grey and has an elephant on it. I love anything with an elephant on it and this cushion is no different. 

9 - The Forest & Co Hammered Copper Cocktail Cup - Not On The High Street - £8.50
I love the look of Hammered Copper and I thought that a few of these would look amazing on my dresser to hold all of my makeup brushes.

10 - MiaFleur Copper Coasters - Not On The High Street - £26.50
Coasters are usually a thing for the kitchen but I had to add these to my wishlist as I hate staining furniture with coffee mugs and thought that one of these would be perfect to set my morning coffee on as I sit in bed and catch schedule my tweets for the day.

11 - Nuuna Graphic M Copper Metallic ' I Am With You' Notebook - Not On The High Street - £24.25
I love new notebooks and I always have one sitting in my room. This one is copper. Enough said I think.

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