My Top Tips For Going to University

Monday, 28 August 2017
As I go into my second year at university in just a couple of weeks, I thought I would do a post on the tips and tricks that I would have like to have known going into the first year of university and things that I will be definitely remembering when I go back. 

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I'm currently studying Business Management at Queen's University, Belfast, and I absolutely love my course. I live 5 minutes away from campus during the week as my home is 2 hours away, so travelling was never an option for me. I do however go home every weekend as I work back home and I get to see my family and friends back home too so it's ideal really. 

Don't buy what you think you need
I bought so much stuff when I first applied to Queen's and in all honestly a lot of it I didn't need. I had bought a countless amount of things saying "aw I'll need that for uni" when in reality I didn't and it was such a waste of money. Obviously, buy the things that you know you will need but when you pick something up, ask yourself if you need it, or if you just think you need it. At the end of the day, if you do end up really needing it, you could just buy it at a later date.

Don't panic
Once exam time came I was a walking ball of stress and I honestly regret it now as my first year was only worth 10% of my overall grade. For some courses, your first year won't be worth anything, so in theory, you should really focus on passing and find your feet first. I put so much pressure on myself from the very start to get the highest possible grades and I really got worked up when I didn't get the grade I wanted, but in reality, the goals I had set myself were extremely high. I'm definitely going to be more reasonable this year when I'm setting my goals and build myself up to achieving those higher grades. 

I went to university knowing only one person and we weren't good friends or anything so I was basically on my own and although it was kinda scary, it was also exciting. Make sure you go to all of the popular freshers' events as it is the best way to meet new people, as well as the fact that they're always a lot of fun. Also, don't be afraid of approaching people, it's really easy if they're in your course as you can make a quick conversation about a module you will be doing etc and this is actually how I got talking to a girl I met on the first day, who is now my best friend and I'll be living with her this year. 

Do you go to university?

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