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Friday, 25 August 2017
Today's post is a photo diary of when I visited Fota Wildlife Park during my time in Cork, Ireland. I'm going to be completely honest though, there was thunder and a lot of rain while we were there so I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted to sadly but I still had the most amazing time so I still wanted to do a post on it. 

The layout of the whole wildlife park was perfect and there was a route to follow so that you didn't miss any of the animals. There was only one part which was difficult in that it was uphill, which wasn't an issue for us. However, my mum and I did have to help a woman push a wheelchair up at that point, but other than that one point, there would be no issues for accessibility.

This next picture was one of my favourite moments to watch the animals as it was a mother playing with its cub but in the next enclosure was the father, I'm presuming, who was pacing back and forth, clearly wanting to be in with its family. It was such a lovely sight, as you got to see a cub interact playfully.

What's your favourite animal?
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