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Friday, 14 July 2017
The other day I was going through my makeup and throwing out some products that were well past their due date and just throwing out products that I didn't really use because I had ones that were better and as I was looking at my primers I decided I would do a post on my top 3. So today I'm going to talk about my top 3 foundation primers and explain why I couldn't cope without any of them in my makeup collection. 

In terms of packaging the GOSH Classic Velvet Touch Foundation Primer is my favourite of the three primers as I always prefer a pump dispenser and it looks very sleek, I would happily have this sitting on a shelf in my room. 

With this primer, it's not too hydrating so although I do apply it more in drier areas, mainly my T-zone, I use it all over face.

The thing I like most about this GOSH primer is that its a gel formula, rather than a cream, which means that its more lightweight. This means that the Velvet Touch primer doesn't leave me feeling like I have a lot of makeup on my skin, although it still leaves a good barrier between my face and foundation. 

The GOSH primer is available in Superdrug and retails at £12.99 (£43.30 per 100ml). This price may be higher than other primers, however I've found that I get more uses out of this and with 30ml contained it is a good enough size too.

Another of my favourite primers is another one from GOSH, the Primer Plus + Hydration. Again I like the look of the packaging however I do not like it as much as the Velvet Touch purely for the fact that it doesn't have a pump dispenser so I find that you do not get all of the product out of the tube. Although I always cut the tube when no more will come out and I put whatever's left into a jar container, just so that none goes to waste.

This is a very hydrating primer so I do tend to use it more when my skin is dry and due to the hot summer weather it is being used a lot more now than it has been the past few months. 

This hydrating primer comes in a cream formula which settles really nicely into the skin and allows for makeup to be applied smoothly on top. I find that this primer makes my makeup last even longer as well as leaving my skin feeling more hydrated. 

The GOSH Primer Plus + Hydration is £14.49 (£48.30 per 100ml) at Superdrug which is even more expensive than the previous and to be completely honest, I do prefer the Velvet Touch. However, I still really value this primer within my collection as it is essential for days when my skin is drier so I will be repurchasing it regardless of the price as it is well worth it. 

I don't really like the packaging of this E.L.F primer as it feels really cheap when you hold it and I don't know how well it would hold up if you travelled with it as the casing seems quite thin. 

This E.L.F primer is my favourite for when my skin is oily as I find that it gives quite a mattifying finish, and it keeps the oils at bay so that my makeup does not move at all during the day. 

This primer is also cream and it includes a blend of Tea Tree and Vitamins A & E so my skin is getting some care during the day from the primer too. 

At £7.50 (£53.57 per 100ml), for a good primer it is a decent price but unlike the two GOSH primers this E.L.F primer contains less than half of the product (14ml) and so it is actually in essence the most expensive of the three. Honestly, it is too expensive for what your getting and when I'm applying it I find that I do have to apply more in order to get the desired effect.

Overall, my most used primer would have to be the GOSH Velvet Touch Classic Primer, as it suits my skin best as it is not too hydrating and not too drying. Then if my skin was particularly dry I would tend to use the GOSH Primer + Hydrating to add some moisture and similarly if it was particularly oily I would go for the E.L.F Poreless Primer as this is quite mattifying. 

What's your favourite primer?

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