B. Makeup Brush Cleanser

Monday, 17 July 2017
I will be the first person to admit that I don't wash my makeup brushes as much as I probably should but I was always put off by the long drying process. BUT now that I have discovered this B. Makeup Brush Cleanser.

Before I got this brush cleaner I just used baby shampoo and water and although this did leave them very clean, I hated having to wait for them to air dry. But now with this B. cleanser all you have to do is give a few sprays of the cleanser to the brush and then I use my Makeup Revolution Pro Cleanse Tool to scrub the brush and ensure all of the old product is released from the bristles. Then I just wipe it onto a piece of kitchen roll and depending on how much product was on the brush I might repeat it a few times. 

I used to use the brush cleaner from Makeup Revolution and although I didn't mind that one and it did the job, I find that this one is better and it doesn't leave a smell at all which is a bonus for me.

I definitely will be repurchasing the B. cleanser in the future as it is so handy to have and I'm not dreading washing my brushes anymore as it is just so quick and easy.

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