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Tuesday, 30 May 2017
Today's post is a review of my ultimate concealer palette, that I find so good for concealing blemishes and dark under-eye circles and giving me the flawless finish that I'm always looking for.

Makeup Revolution's Ultra Professional Cover and Conceal Palette in the shade Light. Available in Superdrug for only £6. 

Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Cover and Conceal - Review

This palette comes in a box which gives a really good representation of the shades on the back of the box. The palette itself comes in the form of a sleek black palette, which is easily kept clean and keeps everything sealed really well so that the product does not dry out. There is also a large mirror on the inside of the lid and so this palette is perfect for travelling as well.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Cover and Conceal - Review

I don't particularly have a routine to applying to concealer, some days I use my fingers and other days I'll use a brush or beauty blender. I've found that to blend the concealer the best thing to use is a beauty blender as it allows for the coverage to remain without making it noticeable.

The concealer formula is quite thick in consistency and so provides great coverage for blemishes or dark circles. However, it is not so thick as to make it look cakey.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Cover and Conceal - Review

This palette comes in light, light-medium and medium-dark, so there is something to suit everyone. I got the light palette, and I think that this is the perfect one for me as I'm quite pale. Although even when I'm wearing a tan, the darker shades in the palette still suit and so that's another reason why I like having this variety of shades all in one handy palette.

Once I apply this concealer in the morning, that's it for the day, I don't need to touch it up or anything throughout the day. Maybe if I'm going out at night I'll put a little bit extra on but I probably wouldn't even need to.

At only £6, this palette is extremely affordable, especially for the amount of product that's actually included and the quality of the concealer palette.

There are not many concealer palettes available on the high street and Revolution has got the perfect one here. The quality of the packaging and the concealer itself is amazing, especially for just £6 and although I do prefer a liquid concealer, I will definitely keep using this one when I need a little extra coverage.

What's your favourite concealer?

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