Primark False Nails Review - Mermaid

Monday, 29 May 2017

For my first post on this blog, I thought I would do a quick review on Primark's £2 false nails, which I got in the shade Mermaid (a blue/purple shade).

Primark Mermaid False Nails - Only £2

I am definitely a fan of wearing false nails, and I believe that they are less harmful to your nails that Acrylics or Gels. However, I absolutely hate having short nails and so falsies are my best friends, especially when I'm going for a night out. 

In comparison with branded false nails like Elegant Touch, the quality is not always as high with Primark falsies, however, this new range is a lot closer and at a fraction of the price their pretty good. 

I have been using Primark nails for a good while and although the nails themselves are very long lasting, I have found that the glue they provide in the pack isn't the best and so I do tend to use another glue from a brand and I've found that Kiss, Elegant Touch and Nailene are good options. 

These nails, in particular, may not be ideal for someone who isn't used to having long nails or works with their hands a lot. Although that being said, I found that to get used to having longer nails, it was helpful for me to start off with wearing shorter styles. That's another thing which is amazing about Primark false nails, they have loads of nails in different shapes, lengths, colours and finishes from only £1. 

What is your favourite way to wear your nails?

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