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Blarney Castle + Gardens

Friday, 18 August 2017
Last week I went on holiday to Cork and stayed just outside of Blarney village in a B&B and so first thing on Tuesday morning, my parents and I went to Blarney Castle, it was the best way to start my day. Just a disclaimer, the facts that are in the posts (who built the castle etc) are sourced from plaques that were situated within the castle and grounds. 

The North Wall
Blarney Castle sits on an 8m rock cliff, (the one that was quarried for building the castle) and the walls gradually slope inwards making it look even bigger when your stood below. From a seam in the wall, you can see that the castle was built in 2 stages and you can see the Earl's bedchamber which has a casemented oriel window.

Blarney Castle
The tower house was built by Cormac Laidir (the Strong) MacCarthy, Lord of Muskerry in 1446 and at some point in the 16th Century, the east and south sides were extended by a five story tower. The Castle stands on the site of a 10th Century wooden hunting lodge which was used by the Kings of Munster and was the most powerful fortress of its time. Blarney Castle was originally set in an enclosed area of around 8 acres w/ perimeter wall and a series of small watchtowers. Over the last 200 years it has become the best-known and most photographed building in Ireland, and it's no wonder, the whole area is really well laid out and everything is gorgeous. 

The Climb
There is a narrow, winding staircase that goes from the bottom of the castle to the top and trust me climbing up these is more difficult than climbing up normal stairs. Below I've took a picture of a few of the steps at the top of the castle. 

The Blarney Stone
The origins of the legend are said to have derived from the actions of a descendant of Cormac Laidir (the original owner), Sir Cormac MacDermod, during the Nine Year's War, when the native Gaelic aristocracy came together in open defiance of the English Crown. Sir Cormac tried to appease both sides and his ability to play one side off the other allowed the word 'Blarney' to pass into modern speech, referring to smoothly flattering and cajoling talk. 

Below you can see me leaning back to kiss the blarney stone. Can I point out that there's a man there to hold you because you have to actually slide back to actually reach the stone. Also, the railings and the the bars to stop you from falling down the hole weren't always there, which seems terrifying to me. 

If you look at the below picture you can actually see someone kissing from the Blarney stone, at the very top of the castle, where it sort of comes out at the top.

The Poison Garden
I loved walking around the poison garden, there was Cannabis, opium poppies and loads more. In front of each plant there was a plaque which said what it was and in what way it was poisonous, I've included one example in the post, but there were so many and I spent ages reading them all, 

The Fern Garden

The Gardens

The Rock Close

Map of the Grounds

blarney castle and gardens map

The Liebster Award

Thursday, 17 August 2017
I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Alicia from Alicia's Planet and if you haven't seen her blog yet, you definitely need to check it out. This post has been sat in my drafts nearly finished for a while but I have been so busy between work and going on holiday that i'm only getting around to finishing it and posting it now. 


1. Who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

I'm Lisa, I'm from Northern Ireland and as well as being a business student, I work as a team leader in Superdrug. 

2. What's been your favourite part of blogging so far? 

Being able to write about the new products that I'm loving and even some that I don't love as much. 

3. What tips would you have for people writing their first blog post?

Write what you would like to read. Trust me, it makes writing a lot more interesting and therefore a lot more easier to do. 

4. Name one of the most embarrassing moments you've had in your life?

I'm going to be honest I don't tend to do anything to be embarrassed about, other than spilling something the odd time, but that would be about it really. 

5. Who's your favourite actor / actress and why?

I absolutely love Julia Roberts films, I haven't seen a bad one yet and they always have a good storyline.

6. Which social media platform do you think has been the best for your blog so far?

Twitter. No doubt about it, I think it's the easiest and best way to actually engage with readers and other bloggers. 

7. Who are your favourite big time bloggers?

8. If you were to collaborate with a brand, which would your dream brand be?

GOSH Copenhagen. I love this brand from the packaging, to the shades, to the formula. Everything is perfect. But one thing I hate is that it doesn't get much recognition and so I'm always telling people about it and I love doing posts on it.

9. What plans / hopes have you got for the rest of the year travel wise?

I sadly have none as I will be working more or less full-time next month and then I'm back to uni and working weekends. But hopefully I'll get away for my birthday in January, even just for a couple of days. 

10. What's your favourite thing to blog about?

It has to be the latest beauty product that I've been loving. They're the ones I love to read and I find that anything I love to read about, I love to write about. 

11. Do you ever worry about your gaining a good following for your blog?

I don't really pay attention to my blog following as if I focused on that, it would take the fun element out of my blog and I'm not a full-time blogger, it's not my job so I don't necessarily need it to be successful although that would be a positive if it was. For me, my blog is about me being able to write what I want.



1. What's your favourite thing about yourself?

2. What is your holy grail beauty product?

3. What's your favourite Instagram accounts?

4. If you had to get rid of one step in your makeup routine, what would it be?

5. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

6. What's your favourite quote?

7. What is your favourite post that you've ever done?

8. What's your signature dish that you never get tired of having?

9. What do you want to improve on?

10. If someone was buying you a present, what would you want them to get you?

11. Where do you shop most?


GOSH Primer Plus+ Skin Adaptor Chameleon

Wednesday, 16 August 2017
Today's post is on my newest addition to my makeup bag, that I'm using every single day as it makes my skin glow. GOSH have released their Autumn/Winter collection and as well as picking up their new Banana Powder which I have posted here, they have also released a new primer, and once I heard what it claimed to do, I knew I HAD to try it out, and I was definitely not disappointed.

GOSH Primer Plus+ Skin Adaptor Chameleon

I love GOSH's packaging for every single item that they have released as everything looks sleek and it is all sturdy and so it's perfect for chucking into your bag without worrying about it leaking. They are by far my favourite brand for packaging, as what's not to love about sleek matte black products.

I always apply primers straight to my face with my fingers. I've never tried using a brush etc and I think that your fingers are perfect for it, as primer doesn't have to be too specific.

GOSH Primer Plus+ Skin Adaptor Chameleon

The GOSH Skin Adaptor Primer is a cream formula which blends into the skin very easily and provides the perfect even-toned base for your makeup. I love all of GOSH's primers and this one is no different as it even makes my foundation look even more flawless than with my usual GOSH primers (post here).

The GOSH Primer Plus+ Skin Adaptor is a colour release primer that matches in with your own personal skin-tone to enhance it with an even glow. I love the effect that it gives to my skin and it definitely evens my skin tone and so this makes it perfect for a light coverage foundation which I usually don't go for, but with this primer, they're the perfect pair.

You can see in the swatch below that the blends out from the almost white cream into a more skin-toned shade that has a slight shimmer in it and once it's blended it creates a beautiful glowing base.

GOSH Primer Plus+ Skin Adaptor Chameleon Swatch

As with the other GOSH primers that I have tried, this one is long-lasting as well and it keeps my makeup looking fresh all day. I've found that the skin adaptor aspect allows for my foundation to glow and even this aspect stays strong without fading throughout the day.

The GOSH Primer Plus+ Skin Adaptor in the shade Chameleon retails at £14.99 in Superdrug and there is currently a 3 for 2 offer on the whole brand. 

What is your favourite primer?

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